Eel Meals with Keely Eels

A surreal take on an eel themed cooking show, with as many twists and odd occurrences as possible squashed in.

(research, design, fabrication, team management, writing, filming, directing, editing and exhibiting)

Stammering Bill

Music Video for Lice

(Prop design + fabrication, on set art department + photography)


Short film directed by Mike Daye for Straight 8 Film Festival

(costume design + production, on set art department + photography)

Lesley Stonker

Lesley Stonker is a short film devised for Channel 4's Random Acts by the one and only Mr Harry Wyld.

(set design + fabrication, prop making and team management)

Old Days

Old Days is a black comedy shot on 16mm film staring Bruce Jones by Theo Watkins.

(on set art department)


Slimeboy is a well meaning fellow with the tragic flaw that he is simply too slimey to hold anything.

(character design, fabrication, costume making, writing and directing)

Gene and Valery

Gene and Valery are unlikely companions forced together by a stroke of bad luck.

(design, set dressing, costume, writing, editing and acting)

Blood Oranges

Special effects prop making for Alexandru Vasilescu

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